Monday, July 26, 2010

cloudy with a chance of meatballs

wearing thrifted blazer, J brand jeans, Zara flats, Timex watch, vintage bracelet, infiniti scarf

Found this perfect rust-colored blazer at Black and Brown on Sunday and wore it to work today. Quick survey: do you wash thrift store finds before wearing them? I admit, I don't usually, unless there are specific stains/odors I want to remove. And I don't consider myself an un-squeamish person who regularly forgoes washing and forgets to change underwear. Besides, Black and Brown is pretty clean and doesn't smell like a regular thrift store.

Also I'm debating whether or not to change out the buttons. They're so grotesquely cheap looking but I sort of like them. Thoughts?


  1. Yes I always wash my new finds, I even wash brand new clothes because you don't know who has tried it on before you!

  2. Great blazer! Good find & gorgeous colour! I usually like to wash my thrift finds so I make them more me. Things like blazers though...I don't coz its outer wear...unless they look like they need it! I kinda do like the buttons..but I know what you mean..some tacky things are fab and some are boarder line its hard to tell.

  3. ok, i do have a confession to make as well. i hardly ever wash my thrifty finds either. my boyfriend is definitely more grossed out by it than i am. oh well.

    but have you seen the brass like button with anchors on them? something like that would be amazing on that jacket. and it'd for sure be more bold.

    wolves and sparklers

  4. The buttons are really cool in a curiously '80s sort of way. Never mind if it's a bit smelly love - looks utterly fab!

  5. The blazer is GORGEOUS.
    Well, I'd always wash them before wearing them and as for the buttons, I gotta agree with Lu :)


  6. Fantaastic blazer. Love that scarf also!:)SarahD

  7. Love this blue, black, red & leopard combination! I always wash my thrift finds immediately!

  8. omg
    you look so so pretty
    really, awesome
    I love everything you're wearing there,
    that scarf is so pretty and the blazer is gorgeous
    hope you're having a great summer
    you have an amazing blog

    ♥ Marley