Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the hills: it went there

I guess its fitting that The Hills is ending just as my 20s are winding down. Somehow it would be unseemly to watch it past the age of 29. But goddammit I'm still sad. No other show has so thoroughly managed to fulfill my hunger for inane social conversation, vacant moody staring, half-assed bitchfights, disfiguring plastic surgery, and enough self tanner to cover the surface of the planet--twice. I have to stop or I'll start crying.

For now I leave you with my leopard print nails and a bunch of emoticlips from the Best Fake Reality Show Ever Created.


And finally, the funniest Hills spoof ever:


  1. the hills is crazy addictive even though i can't really bring myself to watch it anymore now that heidi has butchered her face!
    fierce nails though!

  2. LOL.... man I couldn't have said it better myself. I often found myself watching it for hours, thinking during commercial breaks "Why the hell am I watching this???" I don't think I could ever stand to hang out with any of those girls.
    rad nails! I would totally try that but Two of nails fell off due to a car door accident so it wouldn't look as cool


  3. i am SO sad the hills are over!! even though it is completely terrible. very well said ;) and im in love with your nails! teach me how to do that!!

    visit me again soon! your comment was so sweet :) it made my day - hope you will follow me too!

  4. those nails are awesome!!