Sunday, April 10, 2011

missed connections

 Images via Luxirare

Tonight I made the completely horrifying discovery that someone I know just found THE Chanel lightbulb heels at Jeremy's. And they were cheap. And they were a 37.5, which is close enough to my size that I would most certainly have squashed my unnaturally large-ish big toe into them and called it a fucking day. All I keep thinking is--I go there on my lunch break all the time. It could have been me.


  1. This girl is insane for coming up with sick shoes like that!

  2. Don't worry! Maybe you missed them because they're not your size. Be patient and you'll find the right size!
    p.s. I did cut my hair and it was a big mistake because it turns out, you have to style short hair!

  3. Ooooh, I want them! :)


  4. Dag. That sucks. Well, at you least you're happy for that person, right? Right? lol.