Sunday, April 3, 2011

warming breeze...


wearing thrifted silk t-shirt, earrings handmade by my sister, random costume shop sunglasses, Gap jeans, Chuck Taylors (duh)

The boyfriend and I walked everywhere this weekend, thanks to the glorious weather. Awesome way to get exercise, but frustrating for the lack of footwear options that wouldn't leave my feet blistered and bleeding. In the end I opted for my old Chucks that actually aren't comfortable at all. I would have been better off in a low, sensible heel.

Anyhoo, we went to our favorite breakfast spot about 2 miles away from my apartment called St. Francis Fountain. They have this super amazing veggie hash thing with vegan Chorizo, eggs, potatoes, cheese, and sour cream that I can never finish but always try to anyway. The place has been around since the 60s and still retains a lot of it's old-world soda fountain charm, except for the fact that the staff is entirely tattooed and un-showered. A modern twist, I guess.


Possibly the coolest thing that's ever happened to me (well, besides discovering Coconut water) occurred last week--I had a completely unexpected run-in with one of my favorite bloggers, Angie of The Hotness Your Mama Warned You About. Apparently we share a mutual love of the Rib Whip food truck in addition to our devastatingly on-point analysis of Youtube videos. Without skipping a beat, we both gave each other a hug, and contrary to what she claims, it was NOT in the least bit awkward. I mean, I don't think she felt my lady boner, so we should be cool...

Angie, you are rad. And We are going to be friends.


  1. Love the shirt, such a great colour :)

  2. I love the sunnies and the shirt! An amazing color on you!

    Juliet xxx

  3. I'm very jealous! I want to live in a place were we can just bump into each other! I have been very absent at the moment due to my mega depresso job in a monster of a civil law firm where I am expected to wear grey (which I rarely do) and work until about 8pm every bloody night.. joy! Fortunately I handed my notice in two weeks ago, so I have another two weeks to work and then I am back at the amazing criminal firm I used to work for. Sorry just rambling on!

    Anyway I've still been keeping up with your posts what with you being my all time fave and you look consistently stunning. The new camera is great too!

    What is it about converse that trick you into thinking they are comfy and actually aren't at all? They are too narrow I reckon. Hope you are good dear! x

    p.s. please can you get twitter? 140 characters of your finest dry humour at regular intervals would actually make my life complete.

  4. Agree with frock around the clock. You totes need a twitter account and my sparkle chucks are the most uncomfortable shoes I ever wear but they are so fucking cute I cant help but wear them.


  5. How awesome are those sunnies! I have to agree about the CHucks statement. The worst blisters I ever got was from wearing Chucks for an entire day of walking. I actually find ballerina flats to be more comfortable.

  6. First, I still haven't been able to find those sunglasses or anything close to them, and I'm still OBSESSED with yours. So, I propose that when you find a new pair of sunglasses to drool over you hand those over to me? Pretty please?!? Secondly, nice work on finding coconut water. It's actually a great hangover remedy--it's high in potassium, which is something your body is depleted of through alcohol consumption. So, drink up!

  7. Sorry if I alarmed you! Would be useful if the date for Mothers' Day were the same the world over... yours is in May I think. Curiously confusing.

    The pink really suits you!

  8. That top is awesome!