Sunday, February 26, 2012

best in show

I just successfully sat through most of the dog and pony show that is the Oscars (hosted by Billy Crystal for the 1,563,894th time) and still came away feeling so impassioned about my best dressed picks that I feel compelled to write about them even at 11:15pm. First up, Michelle Williams slays me (yet again) with her layers of frothy organza and peplum top. I believe it's an Yves Saint Laurent dress. She was also wearing this adorable diamond bow pin on one side that you can't see in the picture above. The entire look was pure Art.

Next up, this Rooney Mara chick has all but usurped Leigh Lezark as my favorite wood nymph/vampire style icon. Her Givenchy Couture dress and naked neck, wrists, and lobes just feels so now.

Finally, Natalie Portman, just because she looks so pretty and she's wearing polka dots. Vintage Dior polka dots. The best kind.

Bravo Hollywood, you didn't suck tonight.


  1. Yay! I can finally submit a comment - seems not to work when there are other comments, but I got in first this time! And I wanted to say how curiously cute your extremely well dressed pooches are - a few posts ago - and what a lovely bicycle card and a lucky girl you are to get it (the card that is). The peplum dress - c'est adorable (d'you think the girl behind dyed her old wedding dress?) Love the 1930s shape of the Givenchy too.

  2. nailed it! michelle knocked it out of the park.

  3. Me no likey polka dots, but I did like Michelle Williams and J-Lo. Angelina Jolie made me laugh with that slit.

  4. Michelle Williams' dress is Louis Vuitton. I am overcome with glee that I get to correct you on something fashion related. Love you, love your silly blog. :)

    1. DAAAMMIT! That's actually what i meant, but I was writing in a confused, sleepy stupor. Ok fine, you win this round, Wolod.