Thursday, July 12, 2012

back in action

IMGP4801 IMGP4799
I'm back from Mexico! You probably didn't know that because I'm a dickhead and didn't say goodbye in the first place. My family and friends are also pretty mad at me because I didn't send them a single postcard or email during my stay. Apparently I took to the whole "off the grid" thing a little too seriously.

I'll be back with a seriously exhaustive, self-aggrandizing look at the whole journey right after I run to the toilet. All I want to know is, who was this Montezuma, and why does he insist on taking revenge on my intestines?


  1. Man! This looks amazing! Lucky girl! I think the best part of being on holiday is the 'off the grid' thing. Ooh, I hope your feeling ok..haha! X

    P.S I have a giveaway going on that you might be into! It's kinda Mexican in vibe too!

  2. dickhead! I'm dying over here just looking at this first photo. feels like it was just yesterday I was roaming the beautiful beaches of Tulum ... gimme more!

  3. Obviously you did not drink enough Margaritas. They ward off Montezuma's revenge!!!!