Sunday, July 1, 2012

keep it simple

wearing J. Crew dress from about 11 years ago, Derek Lam sandals

Just rediscovered this linen dress from J. Crew circa 2001. There are pictures of me wearing it while moving into my Freshman dorm at Tulane, a day I will never forget because the elevators broke, it was August, and I lived on the 12th floor. It served its purpose as the sartorial equivalent of air conditioning while living in New Orleans, and even though sartorial air conditioning is just about the last thing needed in San Francisco, I'm suddenly feeling its simple, pared down silhouette. With minimal jewelry, of course. And flatforms. Always flatforms.


  1. very simple and elegant. i love the flatforms too. it looks great :D

  2. That dress is just lovely. And I find that J.Crew stuff from 2000 and 2001 is holding up way better than the stuff I've bought in the past four or five years.

    You asked a while ago about the color bug hair powder; to answer your question, it did come off my clothing! Yeah, it took me that long to do laundry. Don't judge me.

  3. The flatform fad isn't for me, but your dress is simple, stylish and elegant. Looks comfortable and cool too (as obviously proven...)

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