Sunday, July 22, 2012

i'm your national anthem

IMGP4587 IMGP4534IMGP4555 IMGP4538 IMGP4548IMGP4645 IMGP4565 IMGP4621 IMGP4584
lorick dress from Gilt Groupe, Swedish Hasbeens for H&M, etsy earrings

I'm not sure what's the most awesome part of these pictures from our 4th of July trip to Sonoma: the fact that Wardell looks like Captain Ron (ironically??) or the fact that this amazing dog Bruno was there and we totally hung out with him and he is such a little buddy. OR the fact that I am in the best outfit ever, one that combines two of my favorite things: warm weather dressing and thematic dressing (red, white, and blue baby).

Thematic warm-weather dressing rules. Also, weenie dogs rule.


  1. great dress! I love the back of it :)

  2. Sonoma, as in The Killing? (I know it's a total Twin Peaks rip-off, but I'm hooked. btw, watched The Shield yet?)

  3. What a cute doggy!!! And I love that dress, the print is awesome :)

  4. You look like a fabulous little doll and those earrings are darling! Great post!!

    Editor & Chic

  5. I still want these Swedish Hasbeen x H&m shoes dammit! I had never been able to find them. I did see the white really strappy pair at Wasteland the other day, but I want the red ones!!

  6. this whole post makes me jealous


  7. you're like hipster betty draper and i love it.