Sunday, July 15, 2012

calmate guey

Mira! Mexico was a wondrous journey away from my iphone and towards total and utter relaxation. We spent the majority of our time in the picturesque town of Tulum, about two hours south of the Cancun airport. It is, quite literally, a chickens-in--the-road kind of town where they only take cash and time merely plods along as opposed to sweeping your feet out from under you and punching you in the solar plexus. In fact, the only thing I did with any kind of rapidity while there was burn through 900-pages of Shantaram. Here's what it looked like:

Beach combing in a vintage caftan I purchased last time I was in Palm Springs. I'll give you one guess whether I have ever worn it before, and whether I'll ever wear it again... (hint: San Francisco is currently 58 degrees) IMGP4705 IMGP4697

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Our beach shack at the Zamas Hotel in Tulum was super cute in a rustic, birds-nesting-in-the-ceiling sort of way. You had to throw your toilet paper in the trash can, but my god, there were hammocks. IMGP4673 IMGP4689 IMGP4772

The food? Muy bueno. I pretty much subsisted on fish tacos, salsa, and the Zamas Hotel restaurant's excellent wood-fired pizzas (enjoyed beachside, of course). Also, an excellent and varied selection of daquiris, margaritas, and mojitos that knocked me on my ass after spending a couple of days drinking watered down resort drinks. IMGP4842 IMGP4929 IMGP4825 IMGP4736 IMGP4904

We visited Mayan Ruins that were perched on the most beautiful swath of coast I've ever seen. These iguanas sure picked a nice location know. Sit utterly still and flap their cheek pouches. IMGP4811 IMGP4813

And of course, no tropical vacation would be complete without an unnecessary swimwear photoshoot. I'm so gosh darn fond of this flamingo one-piece from H&M, I think I'll be wearing it as a top in the coming months. IMGP4832 IMGP4833 IMGP4863

There were a ton of traditional handicrafts for sale in town. I would have loved to clean out their selection of woven and embroidered textiles, but settled for a few, less bulky souvenirs instead. IMGP4724 IMGP4747 IMGP4750

Everything was going great until a rogue wave pushed me over and made my stub my toe. Even after that, things were still going great. IMGP4936 And now I'm home with the best souvenir ever: a killer tan. That I'm currently covering up with 3 sweaters and a pair of thermal socks. Who knew my blood would thin out so quickly?! This can only mean one thing: I need to move to Mexico.


  1. Jo! These photos are amazing. I am so happy you had such a beautiful and relaxing trip. Welcome back to winter.



  2. Great pictures! Looks relaxing and amazing!! Minus the stubbed toe of course..
    Love your blog! I follow! Hope you can check out mine and follow as well!
    Kisses <3

  3. This is sooooooooo amazing, I'm totally jealous. I went to Puerto Vallarta last summer for the first time and was supposed to go on another mexico trip this summer but I couldn't because of conflicting events. Now my sister is going without me and I'm so bummed. I just want to live on a Mexican beach. Have you met Santina? It's no wonder she lived in Sayulita for almost a year!

    1. You need to move to NOLA so you would be close to the beautiful beaches of Destin!!

  4. Dude...I'm in awe of all of this colorful splendor. That caftan is all kinds of gorgeous.

  5. Love that kaftan and the H&M swimsuit. This looks like the perfect vacation - I'm so craving a beach holiday right now. Ouch to the stubbed toe, but I'm glad you had such a great time!

  6. Wow... your kaftan reminds me of the ones my friends aunt always insist I have when she comes back from India. Really groovy man :) Looks so beautiful... aahhhh how I miss the water


  7. Looks like a rough time. That flamingo suit is a collectors item. I had much fun looking at your vacay. Viva Mexico.

  8. Wow, looks fabulous. I need to move to Mexico too! But looks like the nearest I will be getting is San Fran later this year. Perhaps arrange a meet-up to check out the vintage scene? Susan x

  9. Wow, looks fabulous. I need to move to Mexico too! But looks like the nearest I will be getting is San Fran later this year. Perhaps arrange a meet-up to check out the vintage scene? Susan x