Sunday, June 21, 2009

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wearing AA tee, Old Navy jeans, vintage belt, H&M sweater, thrifted bag, vintage belt, thrifted necklace, Candies shoes (I know, I know. But I have an excuse! I got a pedicure and they were the only open-toed shoes I had at my parents' house!)

Meet my dear friend Kelli's daughter, Isabella. She may only be 3 months old, but as you can see, she already has bitchin' taste in sunglasses. How amazing does she look in the picture above with my boyfriend?

This weekend I:
- Indulged in some long-overdue baby time (god, how they grow)
- Played shuffle board (and sucked at it)
- Attempted to do some bank account damage at my favorite vintage/consignment store near my parents' house, but it was closed :(
- Fed Frankie Nutter Butters and gave him a bath
- Ate some Italian cheese that smelled like dead people's feet
- Finally got a manicure and a pedicure (after these pictures were taken, BTdubs)
- Worked, worked, worked

And now I get to go to bed. I'm starting to see a pattern in my's all the same! Welcome to the next 40 years.


  1. Except we're only getting older and crankier! Yay, something to look forward to!


  2. Lovely photos and I adore Ur bohemian and chic...

    Have a great week, darling!

  3. -your bf is adorable
    -YOU look amazing....great photos too!

  4. You look so amazing, and I'm seriously loving shots... and your bracelet.

    How adorable is she in those little sunnies!

  5. Holy shit. That's the first time i've seen a picture of Kelli's baby. Un freakin believably cute! look good holding a babe. uh oh...