Thursday, September 24, 2009

i heart it

top L to R: Prada, Roksanda Ilincic
center: D&G
bottom L to R: Burberry, Basso & Brooke

Loving these looks from the Spring Collections. The Most Wearable award (and most likely to be ripped off quite well by Zara) is also the season's crowd-pleaser: Burberry. The pastels feel fresh and the socks with heels are sort of casually brilliant.

Most Interesting obviously goes to Roksanda Ilincic. I shudder to think how many endangered California Condors had to die to create those massive feather shoulders, but imagine how impressive THAT would look if you were wearing it on the street. I'd feel like some kind of superhero.

Also loving Kid Cudi's new album. It may be one of my favorites of the past few years. Fucking flawless.

This is a good song:


  1. I'd love top see Zara do these. God I'm in love with these fashion weeks!

    juliet xxx

  2. Burberry was amazing...I love the D&G too, and I can't wait to but it all at Zara lol