Monday, May 24, 2010

familiar face

Recognize this gorgeous ginger-colored girl?

Photos by Kathryn Hancock via Fashion Gone Rogue

It's Nicole from America's Next Top Model Cycle 13! Apparently winning ANTM isn't professional anathema.

I did actually think she took some really beautiful photos during that cycle.


  1. I just posted about her in my tumblr, but i didn't realized that it was her. so strange!
    She's gorgeous!


  2. haha, I remember her!
    And when I watched that season, I always thought she took stunning pics.

    She looks gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous, if we're being honest.

    Her hair! I love :)

    How you doing hun?

  3. Beautiful. She was the one I was rooting for throughout that season of ANTM and I'm so glad she won. Loved the fact that she had a bid of an odd personality but I find that added to her unique charm. That is one hell of an editorial.

  4. Nice to see that at least few of those girl can get good jobs as a real model.

    juliet xxx

  5. Oh wow! I didn't even recognized her until you said it! She is so gorgeous


  6. Every once in a while ANTM gets it right. Love my redheads!

    DandyWellington (via Ash Fox)

    PS I love the name StylePorn because great style really is like porn!!

  7. she was the best in that cycle.

    S + A