Thursday, February 23, 2012

the cautionary tale

IMGP3178 IMGP3173 IMGP3176 IMGP3185 IMGP3187 wearing Zara waxed jeans, Mossimo turtleneck, D&G leopard print top, Acne jacket, vintage bag, Chanel shoes, DIY manicure with Martha Stewart glitter

I was somehow able to cram the highest number of designer labels into this look as possible given their scarcity in my closet. But here they are, working together. I can't remember if I've ever actually shown these shoes before, but I rarely wear them because they're soooooo speshul. And perhaps, if you look closely, slightly too small, but who's looking closely?!

And I have to share the sad tale of the Barney's intern. On Tuesday morning, I woke up, checked my Facebook, and saw the following status update in my newsfeed from the official Barney's NY account:

Poor girl flunked an accounting test and may have lost her (highly coveted) internship in the same day. While some of the later comments said something to the effect of, "This is why you don't get an intern to run your social media," anyone who works in social media knows this is an easy mistake to make, especially from a mobile device. If you're the admin of a fan page on Facebook, it's not like you sign out of your account and sign in to the fan page--you simply write updates on the fan page while signed in to your own account. I know people who have done something similar, including a friend who accidentally tweeted the sex of his unborn child from a company account. I guess this is the price we pay for blurring of the personal/professional line. And for the fact that writing on Facebook is like, a real job now.

Either way, I will be pouring one out for Barney's girl this weekend. I don't like to witness human tragedy, especially when it falls so close to home.


  1. I hope the intern didn't get kicked! That's such a human mistake! Thanks for the comment! Now I have a little giveaway on my blog (20€ worth of Korres products) and I hope you have the time to come and check it out! Good luck!

  2. ok. let's talk about your shoes. they are gorgeous and instantly caught my eye as looking "special." the whole outfit is great and i have those pants too. holla.

  3. Hi gorgeous,
    just found your amazing blog by chance while peeking on others and i must tell you that it´s so lovely, well structured and interesting [certainly a reflection of your personality] that it kept me totally hooked. I'm your new follower and would like to invite you to visit mine and to follow back if you appreciate it.
    wish you lots of success!!!

  4. LOVE this outfit, all the pieces are so amazing!!! Especially the shoes and leopard top (and of course the Acne blazer that I still can't get over ;) )
    and UGH! that really stinks...poor Barney's intern :/

  5. I almost shouldn't admit this, but ages ago I mistakenly wrote a profanity-laden tweet from my work account regarding an email I received from my brother about a gruesome murder. To this day, I'm thankful I was able to delete it within minutes of posting and no one said anything. So I have major sympathy when this happens to someone else.

    Also, love your outfit so hard. The jeans, jacket, shoes, nails, SHOES! All awesome.

  6. LMAO at the intern! Sorry, I shouldn't be laughing but whoa, talk about a blonde moment. *joins you to pour a 40*

    Meanwhile, thumbs up for pulling off a designer filled outfit. You still look good, too. So many pieces I'm loving in this 'fit. And finally, cute blog banner!

  7. Why do you always bring the funnies? haha, this is so funny. Its a boy or a girl, I dunno yet, but Im sure there are some burritos and tapatio doritos in there as well.

  8. standing in my kitchen... laughing my ass off, reading this post... thank you Barneys Girl for bringing sunlight to my day...

  9. Those shoes are awesomely beautiful! wow!

    Poor girl, I've seen a few people tweet from the wrong accounts...glad that's not something I have to worry about.

  10. You look especially smart and elegant in this outfit, love everything about it. And the shoes? As you say, who is looking closely, they are damn fantastic and very sexy.
    Great choice, and in my humble opinion, you should wear this often, I am sure guys will be drooling... :)

  11. really nice porno look ! :) love it :) i have the same :D <3