Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 2: evidence of things unseen

what I wish I was eating: chocolate covered potato chips via Because I'm Addicted

I've made it to the end of day 2, and I wish I could tell you I feel fan-fucking-tastic. To be honest, I do feel a lot better than yesterday. No headache, and I'm definitely not as fatigued, plus I managed to avoid the full-on ED (explosive diarrhea) that plagued me last night. But something has occurred to me, and that's that living without food isn't really living at all. I mean, no duh, but I don't think it really hits home how important the ritual of food is until you can't eat it.

Case in point: I was working from home today, so my mom said (without thinking) "oh, let me come meet you for lunch." While I'm sure she would have come out just to, you know, sit in a room and drink dandelion tea with me, it would have been so pointless. After eating, what else is there besides reading (a solitary activity) watching movies (goes better with popcorn) and shopping (which requires fuel to do properly)? NOTHING. Ergo, food is everything. And I can't wait to eat it again.

I suppose I should go into the positives while I'm at it. My jeans are definitely baggier on me today, but I'll bet you a million bucks they'll go back to fitting snugly as soon as I inhale the sweet odor of a hot dog (and then inhale said hot dog). I have to hope there are some invisible health benefits to doing this. And I'm not denying that it's good for me, but holy god it's not fun.

Oh, and because this is a style blog (not a whine about not eating blog) here's my favorite blog find of the day, Children With Swag:



  1. Haha yea, its funny how important food is when you really think about it, but it is good to cleanse your system every once in a aunt is always telling me to do it...she loses like 10 lbs when she does it (for a week) *dies*
    Awww what adorable little kids!!!

  2. i cannot deal with those kids. amazing.

  3. I'm still cheering you on (while snickering about your ED). Already looking forward to hearing about day 3!

  4. Its true. My friend went on a diet and lost like 80 lbs but she could never do anything with you but work out. She wouldn't even eat a cough drop because it had "too much sugar." She was on a high protein diet. One more day left. You can do it.

    1. And that is why not eating is antisocial and BO-RING! And why I will never do this again.