Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Combing through the archives, I found these photos that never made it to the blog. As you can probably imagine, the selection process is extremely difficult because I look so fucking good in every single picture. It's practically a curse.

In other non-news: I sold my first item on Ebay--a Lenovo laptop that I pretty much got for free when my old company bit the Big One. I resold it for a pretty sum, and now I've got some monies burning a hole in my pocket. I'm hoping it won't get consumed by lame grownup shit like car repairs so that I can buy myself something real nice because goddamn, I deserve it, (and I need something to fill the empty black hole in my no-heart). Anyone with too much time on their hands is welcome to suggest purchases which might warrant spending a little more than my usual amount.


  1. Ahhh you're so cute. Must be rough being so purdy.

    Yay for money! Please buy something fabulous and not lame like a "necessity".

  2. Wow, darling amazing outfits!
    love all of them!! You looks gorgeous!
    great style ;)


  3. this bloopers are perfect-imperfect! Goregousss I'd say!!

  4. I totally love the 2nd floral skirt!


  5. :D what are you talking about. You do look great! I mean, I photograph much worse.

    juliet xxx

  6. you are so funny....and I like these photos actually.

    you should get something awesome and don't forget to share!

  7. Funny post! lol
    I have to say, I looove your flowers outfits! Really really! ♥


  8. Put it in your 401K and let your company match it. Duh! Free money.... Mother knows best. ;)

  9. ha, your bloopers are probably better than my "quality shots." lucky.
    hey, cool about the extra caaash.
    congrats and have fun!

  10. I don't remember that skirt in the top right photo. Love the floral print and high waisted-ness of it!

  11. Love these outtakes! And spending money is always a good thing. My free cash has mainly gone towards shoe purchases the last few weeks. I think if you have a little extra, go for something quality and that will remain a staple in your closet. Don't spend it on ASOS, because that's more of an everyday treat.

  12. lool! i've been selling stuff on ebay and buying new stuff with the money i made! its horrible, i just spent an obscene amount of money on those sam edelman balenciaga knock offs on ebay but goddam i'm happy! lol I say purchase an accessory such as a pair of shoes or handbag..maybe those cool alexander wang fall 09 booties?? i'm eyeing those big time! or find yourself a hot ass pair of thigh high boots, and by thigh i mean close to the hip, like they have for fall..I need those in my life too!

  13. How and the hell are these bloopers because they look so damn cool? Remember when life was slow and you had all the free time in the world to blog? Those were the days I miss.

  14. Love the pic on the left bottom, those heels make your outfit! Very sexy!

  15. All modesty aside, you do look gorgeous in all of them. Totally digging the electric blue pumps and tie dye leggings!