Thursday, July 9, 2009



wearing thrifted Talbot's blazer, J Brand jeans, James Perse top, Zara flats, Timex watch

This outfit post isn't from today, it's from yesterday. Today I wore the most adorable shirt dress that I totally wanted my boyfriend to photograph. Unfortunately by the time I got home from work, not only was it pretty much dark but my hair/face was so greasy I just wanted to get into my pajamas and slather myself in salycilic acid. Seriously, my skin is on crack right now. It's broken out worse than it ever did even in my teenage years and none of the products that I'm using seem to be working. Anyone out there with very oily/pimple-prone skin want to share their skin secrets? Because at this point I'm about ready to try boric acid, prayer, cat urine, or some combination of all three.

Oh, and I ate ramen for dinner (the kind in the plastic pouch). You may now commence feeling sorry for me.


  1. Listen this happened to me. I never broke out in high school and all of a sudden pimples everywhere and I am 28! So I went to the dermatologist and he gave me pills and a cream and now they are all gone!

  2. Nice jeans, I've always wanted Jbrand jeans.

    For the skin problem, all I know is that toothpaste dries out pimples like no other. I generally just use a really effective facial scrub for a week when my skin gets bad.

  3. You're too pretty to feel sorry for, SORRY.

    WTF my skin is freaking out too! LIKE NEVER BEFORE. I'm using this Peter Thomas Roth stuff, I can get some for you on the cheap-makeup artist discount-if you want? It seems to be working, lemme know.

    And yeah, he's only Justin Bobby as far as looks go...although he does say some pretty ridiculous crap too. But then I just make fun of him. And he likes it.

  4. i absolutely love that blazer. it's beautiful. so are you
    no, i don't feel sorry for you! i LOVE ramen. it's not "fastfoodbecauseicantbothermakingsomethingelse", it's wonderful tasting asian noodles, sometimes better than food from the takeout!
    i also have really bad skin problems. maybe you're stressed? anyways i use a gel, it's called Duac Gel. it's really great. it isn't prescription-free though. good luck! xx

  5. my skin look terrible all the time. maybe drinking more water would help? cool blazer btw.

  6. Just blog cruisin'...and I stumbled upon the little treasure that is yours! Glad I did, it's definitely about something <3

    You're personal style is definitely on point -truly inspirational!

    P.S - I've added your blog to my blog list :-) –will be back shortly...

    Much love

  7. ooooh, fabulous FABULOUS! I love it!!

    {Gob is my favorite character on the show ;) ...michael...all whispery ...the best! So sad it's gone}

  8. First I have to say I love that pink blazer! OMG when I rose from my life! Really! ♥
    Now in its skin, had a moment of my life where I was almost thinking me dealing with this combination of three things too! hahaha! My skin is so oily that you can fry an egg on my face! Holy shit! :(
    Then I found 2 good products in the supermarket/pharmacy and a homemade recipe that helps me a lot! Try!
    In the supermarket/pharmacy: Effaclar in Bar Soap - La Roche-Posay
    Sunscreen Anthelios AC - La Roche-Posay
    Homemade recipe: Mix one or glycerin soap from oil for the face and sugar to form a paste EXPESS. Pass on the face, promoting an exfoliation that removes dead cells from fat and wait 10 minutes. Take with cold water.

    It works, believe me! Try! ;)
    Stay well and anything, email me!
    Much love,

  9. i like your pink blazer dear.. :)))


  10. Love the pink blazer and those Zara shoes! And yeah, my skin is oily/greasy by nature (at least the T-Zone). The only reason it's toned down is because of the b.control I take. Let me know if you find anything that works!

  11. dude, you look great, but my skin has been acting wonky lately too....I wish I had a tip for you, but it isn't working for me either!

    love your outfit, btw

  12. Cute blazer. The colour so U Honey!


  13. LMAO! I know all about greasy, hate it. Love the blazer, great cut/color.

  14. I love the color of the blazer!

    La C.

  15. You definitely rock this gorgeous color... I swear you're a deck of aces! And ohmygod, I f**king love your sense of humor: "slather myself in salycilic acid."


  16. Love the blazer, the colour is delicious. I live off plastic pouch ramen at university, haha, it's not so bad. x

  17. Luv the PINK...even on men darling!
    You look urine on your lovely face pleassssee... Try taking Omega3 & Vit E perhaps?!

  18. You look SO BEAUTIFUL! As people said~ Don't worry, BE Happy!


  19. Do you have Lush over there? They do an amazing face mask - mask of magnaminty - it's fresh and minty and seems to zap away my spots pretty well.

    Looooveee this blazer. All of the coloured ones over here at the moment have the sleeves ready rolled up and sewn into place just incase you couldn't think about doing that on your own. :) x

  20. gorgeous blazer, i love them in unexpected colors

  21. That blazer is to die for, lucky girl. I like the way you styled it too!

  22. Love this look. Very preppy and put together :)

    As for the skin probs, try Kiehls. Ever since I started using their products, my skin has improved significantly and remained this way. I highly recommend their blue line specifically for acne EXCEPT for their toner, which is very strong.

  23. You look great in that color!