Sunday, July 26, 2009

end scene

Urban outfitters t-shirt, juicy couture shorts

Had a great weekend! It was my friend Hank's 30th birthday, so we all went to the beach in Point Reyes and rented this rad house in the woods and got drunk playing Cranium. I guess that might make us nerds, but didn't you hear? Board games are so hot right now.

Ok, now I'm going to finish reading Wuthering Heights (soooo good) and then go to bed.

Goodnight xxxxoooo


  1. Oh don't worry about it...I'm glad you had a great weekend!! I was in bed recovering and my interview got pushed back to tomorrow thank baby jesus! Board gaming while drunk is one of my fav things to do, p.s.
    Oh and the mother of extension posts on my blogs...even though you didn't ask, I thought of you. UM wow, not because you need them AT ALL, clearly, but because we'd talked about it. OMG going now...
    I hope you have a good week ahead luvah! XO

  2. sounds like a fun time to me! love the shirt!

  3. omg sounds like fun. looking hot :)

  4. like this outfit, white jersey with blue denim is a favourite of mine.

  5. haha sounds like fun, I love Cranium. Cool shirt :)

  6. such a comfortable outfit!

    and yes getting drunk while playing board games is "it" right now haha love it

    p.s i took your advice on my page! haha i needed to change it up


  7. I love me some friend's cousin and his buddies invented it...crazy story, he surfs the world now, living off of his riches.

    that top is perfect and holy legs!

  8. i LOVE board games. seriously i do. and crosswords, and game shows, and everything. (but i guess i'm a nerd too) ahaha, anyway, sounds like a GREAT time! you look real cute in your tee and shorts. there's nothing like sexy simplicity.

  9. Board games can be fun...though I'm lacking mental energy to play lately. But drunk-Wahoo!

  10. Board games are so hot right now. [2]
    I agree totally!
    Good week honey!


  11. you clearly aren't in san francisco in those shorts, because it's f'ing cold here right now.