Thursday, July 16, 2009

ten things i hate about, me


I was tagged by the delightful Jamily at Cup of Coffee to list 10 things about myself that readers may or may not know, so here it goes:

1. My first favorite band was The Smashing Pumpkins. I could recite every word from every album, knew obscure facts about Billy Corgan's childhood, and even went so far as to deface my arm by carving a Smashing Pumpkins logo into it. It's vaguely visible in my 8th grade graduation picture, much to my mother's chagrin.

2. I would unapolagetically, unequivocally classify myself as an angry liberal. But at least I admit it.

3. I bite my nails. When I'm not biting my nails, I'm biting my cuticles, and when I'm not biting my cuticles, I'm chewing on the inside of my lip.

4. I've only had 2 boyfriends.

5. I've spent more time/money than I'd care to mention on hair removal.

6. I totally pretend I'm more Jewish than I really am. But I really am Jewish.

7. I don't exercise. Like, ever. And it's sadly starting to catch up with me. I'm considering the merits of an exercise program and weighing those against the desire to do a lot of sitting, and inevitably, the will to sit always wins.

8. The first thing I ever wanted to be when I was a kid was a plastic surgeon. And I don't even live in LA. Go figure.

9. I've ridden horses since I was 7 years old. It's the only thing even close to a sport that I've ever participated in aside from a disastrous attempt at softball in the first grade.

10. I love going to the doctor. I love talking about my health with someone who's paid to care. I wish I could do it more often.

Okay, don't you feel enlightened now? Better yet, aren't you glad you don't have to know me in real life?!

Here are the 10 people I tag:

Tomorrow is Friday, thankfuckinggod.


  1. Thanks for the tag, I liked reading these ten little facts about you (surprising and sweet). I actually intern at Chictopia but I call it work since I am currently unemployed (ahhh hate the way that sounds, need a job now!).

  2. Ha, that was a fun read! You're probably the first person I've come across who likes doctors (in the medical sense... I'm sure there are tons of women who want to bag one). I used to love Smashing Pumpkins as well, but I don't think I was ever that obsessive!

    P.S. Jigsaw actually has stores in Cali. You live in SF right? There's a store on Filmore St. Go check it out - sales should still be on according to their website and you need to spend that extra money you got ;-)

  3. I´ve had 0 boyfriends and I listen Smashing Pumpkins too, U win

  4. EW softball scares the shit out of me. I rode horses for like a week, and the bees scared the shit out of me. DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT.

    Ohh I'm kinda with you on the DR thing. Good call.
    Thanks for tagging me...I don't think I'm as interesting as you but I'll give it a whirl.

    Taking the fucking plunge. WHY NOT, right?
    Happy Friday!
    P.S Im going to the concert at Golden Gate Park next month... Pearl Jam, etc. COORDINATE!?

  5. Well I must have been mega spoiled because my parents are still together lol. Did you used to have the advert with the boy with the red one - he drove around with his roof down and then it started raining so he put his roof up and saved the dog from the rain? I loved that.

    I can just imagine you sitting for hours talking at the doctor! And do you actually have a horse? You do right? If so I am unbelievably jealous. Thanks for the tag, I'll do it in my next post!:) x

  6. Amazing post!

    Have a great Friday Hoooooney!

  7. I have bad news for you, you are not nearly as bad as you think you are...

  8. I loved Billy Corgan so much that I told my mom I'd save my virginity until marriage...unless Billy would have me. Then I went Chicago and found the purple house he lived in and took pictures until the next door neighbor yelled at me. Oh, that elusive bald head of his....

  9. you LIKE going to the dr? I hate makes me feel dirty...I don't know why.

    I loved Billy Corgan too, but my heart belonged to Scott Weiland.

  10. I'm proud to say i already knew like 90% of that.

  11. Items 3, 6 and 10 are really funny! I love these tags because we know the chance fun on the bloggers you know!
    But I have to say, I'm really surprised to know that there is a human being in the world that likes to go to the doctor.. Type WOW!
    I just going to the doctor when I'm the verge of death because there is not further away! haha! I hate doctors and hospitals. ;)

    Great fucking weekend honey!
    Much love,

  12. This is like totally meeeeee!!

  13. the weirdest thing was that you love going 2 the doc while many try to avoid it =) ..

  14. Your Aunt Barbara and your Uncle Peter love you and are glad to know all of the things you shared. Remember you are the " Sultaness of Cool" from an early age and you will always be.

  15. I love this tag! Angry liberal, biting the nails, all of it--brilliant ;-)

    P.S new site is finally up!!

  16. I love your answers :)
    Smashing Pumpkins, awesome.
    And I love how you love going to the doc (I despise it....)
    Finally lol@pretending to be more Jewish than you are :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. haha i love it!
    very honest
    awesome =)

  18. Thank you so much for the tag!! I will do it in my next post. I can't believe you enjoy going to the doctor. I get sweaty hands for nothing everytime. They just make me nervous :D

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  20. "the will to sit always wins"
    hey, me too!!

    you're really funny. have i told you i love your writing?
    yes, i probably have. like every time. anyway, great answers.

    and thanks for the tag! yay, an excuse to write about myself!

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  22. You should dial up one of those free ask-a-nurse hotlines and just talk to them all the time. :)