Wednesday, November 11, 2009

award, (re)ward

Many thanks to the wonderful Anika over at African Tea Party for the Over the Top Award. I thought it would be fitting to include these illustrations by 19-year-old South Korean artist Reno Kim because I first discovered his work over at her blog. You can check out the website here.

Anyhoo, it's one of these question award thingies, and since I'm clearly not very articulate right now, the perfect thing to populate this post. Here it goes.

Where is your cell phone right now? In the living room. Probably with about 10 unheard messages from 5 weeks ago.
Your hair: sucks
Your father: Was not absent during childhood. I therefore cannot claim "daddy issues" as the root of all my adult problems.
Favorite Food: cheese
Last night: I was home from work by 8:30, in bed by 10pm. I have absolutely no memory of what I did during that hour and a half between commute and sleep. Must not have been terribly exciting.
Favorite drink: coffee!
What room are you in? My bedroom. It's too cold to be out of bed right now.
Hobby: sleeping.
Fear: Death and hair loss. Unless we're talking body hair loss, and in that case it's a dream of mine.
Where were you last night? Depends on when. Either at work, in my car, or in my bed.
Something that you aren't: Unflappable. I am in fact highly flappable.
Muffins: are a tasty treat....?
Wish List item: YSL Tribute pumps
Where did you grow up? Suburbia.
What are you wearing? Leggings and a sweatshirt, aka pajamas.
Your pets: a dog named Kobe, a horse named Frankie.
Friends: I have like 6. But they're stuck with me for life.
Sometimes you're not wearing: perfume. I always forget to put it on.
Favorite Store: Right now, Nordstrom Rack.
Favorite color: yellow.
Last time you laughed: Laugh?
Your best friend: Lives with me now.
Place you go over and over: Whole Foods. It will be the death of my life savings.
Person who emails you regularly: work work work.
Favorite place to eat: This little lunch spot near my work where they have amazing sandwiches and pastries. Mmm...pastries.

I hereby pass this award on to:

Late Afternoon - For seriously always inspiring me to get dressed.
Through the Looking Glass - For sourcing the absolute best shit on etsy and giving me eye candy all week
Love Meagan - For being the baddest DIY bitch in the internet
Wedding Road Trip - Well Jaime, what can I say. You make me laugh.
Miss Neira - For being a longtime reader and an all around fabulous person!
Cup of Coffee - Because Jamily may be the sweetest person I've ever virtually "met"

Goodnight folks. Can't believe tomorrow isn't Friday, but at least tomorrow isn't Wednesday...


  1. Beautiful art, funny facts!

    juliet xxx

  2. why thank you my dear

    your dad answer almost made me spit coke all over my computer screen!!!

  3. i wish i could draw like that. no words.

    so i assume i'm part of that 6 (read: i better be)...i'd feel more like part of the 6 if you returned my calls.

  4. those illustrations are amazing and congrats on the award!


  5. Thank you so so so much for this award!
    You know, you is very sweetest, not me.. but I'm feel honred for this award and for you remember of me! This is so so sweet of your part! Thanks really!

    By the way, I miss you.. how I miss my blog and everything.. Tell me, is everything okay with you honey?
    And oh, I have to say, your skin and hair is such a have great up shine! And health!
    You try one of my tips? Tell me if you do it! Or what you do it because my skin and hair is more or less equal on your!


  6. Oh so fun! thank you darling! ill be doing this lovely questionnaire this week!

    and great illustrations! so colorful, I LOVE