Wednesday, May 16, 2012


wearing vintage skirt, madewell denim shirt, no-name sunglasses, earrings from Morocco, vintage and thrifted jewelry, and Derek Lam shoes

Hangin' on street corners with Kobes the other weekend, enjoying a brief stint of warm weather, which has now of course been replaced with typical "summer" weather in SF--blisteringly cold and windy with thick fog that only dissipates sometime around midday and then comes roaring back in the early evening. Kind of like this

Don't know if you can tell, but I flirted, ever so briefly, with the idea of a crop top and high waisted skirt with this outfit. I think I've decided that one can avoid unpleasant mid-90's references as long as the belly button is covered. What say you?


  1. Works for me. This outfit looks very well put together. I especially like your shoes. Are they comfortable for walking? Or hour long standing engagements?

  2. Those sunnies and platforms are hiper cool! :)

  3. I'm in the covered belly button camp, too. dunno, something about bare midriff just doesn't feel right. and it's not curb your enthusiasm's fault, I've had this feelings before that episode.

    btw, this looks fantastic. it would fit very well on the sartorialist.

  4. I love this! I think you showed the perfect amount of skin :)
    And our weather has been gross too....sun then days of rain

  5. cool pics.. :) I really like the outfit, and I am digging the crop tops this season. I actually wore a very high waisted pant with a crop top and I loved it. Belly button not shown


  6. Love the scarf on your hair! You're too cool!

  7. Looks great - and comfortable too. Might look less curiously cool if the shirt were tucked in - unless worn with a belt the same colour leather as your flatform thingies, shades and colour coordinated dog.