Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a little swing in dem hips

h&m top and cuff, UO pants, vintage Andrew Gellar pumps, ASOS leather jacket

The cobalt pants make an appearance (previously here), and once again serve to remind me just how unflattering they are in the crotch-al region. Never mind that though, on to more current matters of clothing. Namely, this top, which is made in the most wonderfully supportive, breathable athletic fabric. I can't wait to test out its true moisture-wicking capabilities in the humid and unforgiving streets of New Orleans. Which reminds me it's about time to plan a trip...

Also, I found this today and I believe my comment on Facebook was, The Internet has officially outdone itself. Someone can shut it off now.

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  1. I absolutely love that color!

    I like the internet please don't shut it off!!


    Pants on Parade

  2. Gorgeous pants, especially lovint the color!

  3. I thought I was bad...where do you find this shit???

  4. Oooh I love that shirt and you nails!!
    (wowza that site was weird...)

  5. I LOVE your peplum top! I've been searching on ebay to see if one pops out but no luck yet!
    You look amazing!
    p.s. I never noticed the little tattoo on your ankle.

  6. 1) Nails! They look so cool!
    2) You look so good in a peplum! I have that shirt (with sleeves) and it looks awful on me.
    3) Nyan Waits is amazing. Things like that make me want to bear hug the internet.
    4) I think you'll like this:

    1. So are you really planning a trip to New Orleans? Every one here is awaiting your return. Jazz fest is on now and your sister got a free ticket for Sunday.

  7. That top is amazing. Why can't I find any peplums when I go shopping?!

    So this Tom Waits nyan cat hybrid thing just blew my mind...