Monday, May 28, 2012

looks to rip

One of the best things about being a weirdo internet stalker is all the amazing inspiration I get from other blogs. Believe me folks, if you think you're safe from my prying, prodding eyeballs, you're not. I'm watching you.

Here are 5 outfits that caught my eye recently, from some of my MVP bloggers.

Trini G is always one of my go-to bloggers when I need inspiration for classic looks. Here she is reminding me that a simple cropped black pant with a trench coat is always a win.

Krystal Simpson always rocks the shit outta menswear looks. I'm going to try to pair a mannish blazer and pants with a floaty chiffon top after seeing this look.

My soul sista/partner in snark Duckalicious always comes up with the most interesting pairings. She's a total mixmaster. This outfit makes me want to attempt to mix acid yellow with cobalt blue accents and my most Cleopatra-esque vintage necklace. I even have a turban similar to the one she's wearing here!

The woman who needs no introduction...Karla of Karla's Closet, wearing yet ANOTHER Shareen Vintage find that makes me green with envy. Must bust out vintage ladylike dresses and pair them with cool-girl hipster accessories like the sunglasses she's wearing here and hope equal cuteness will ensue.

Najeema of A Stylized Hysteria is just one of the many girls who I've seen rocking boyfriend jeans lately. But she's one of the only girls who manages to get the accessories just right--with western-style ankle boots and a rad, southwestern style statement necklace.

Thanks girls! Keep it comin'. You may just see me biting your style. Poorly, of course. The copy can never outshine the original.


  1. I must admit, I had a brief Karla obsession. I went back and read her old posts when she had long hair, watched interviews with her on youtube, and watched her music videos from when she was in the Slumber Party Girls. Her body is killer.

  2. SO many awesome looks! I had never heard of Trini's blog, definitely going to have to follow her now :D

  3. Hey, that's me! I'm grinning like a schoolgirl over here! :D

    And for real, Karla has the most insane body everrrr. Is not fair!

  4. So awesome, thanks for putting two new blogs on my radar!

  5. I was getting ready to tell you off for not including me ... and then I scrolled down some more and BAM, there I was, right next to Karla! damn ... thanks, babe. I might even shed a tear (PMS approaching). love ya*