Monday, May 14, 2012

my mother, the style icon

my mom is on the far right in every picture, except the bottom one of course

Yes, I know these pictures look like they were taken last week with the "Hefe" filter on Instagram, but they were actually all legitimately taken in the 70's. First when my mom was a Kappa at LSU, and later on when she moved to Paris to be an Au Pair for a year. She looks so young (probably about 21-24) but I remember seeing them as a child and thinking she looked like a grownup. It's funny how your perception of your parents changes as you slowly morph into versions of them at different ages. If you compared my college pictures to my mom's, you'd probably be struck by how similar they are--except my outfits were definitely not this cool. Also, I did more drugs.

Anyhoo, the point of this post (besides lamenting the fact that my mom doesn't have that camel peacoat anymore) is that my mom is still beautiful, still has an enviable closet, and still inspires me every day. Basically, she's the best mom ever.


  1. Wow, your mom is so gorgeous!!!! I love looking at old photos of my mom too and it makes me sad to think my pictures aren't that cool...haha

  2. Your mom is a doll. I see where you get it from. Maybe not the drug part, but everything else.

  3. Aww thats so sweet. Your mom looks hot to trot. My mom did more drugs than me. Actually, if it wasnt for her I wouldnt know what black beauties and angel dust were. Well, maybe angel dust by now cause i saw an episode of it on Intervention. Scary shit. Glad we all came out ok.

  4. Incredibly glamorous - and what a smile! Your mom looks like a model...

  5. JoJo, I love the kind words said about your Mom. And she did look cool in the 70's. That plum coat I have on in front of the Eiffel tower with your Mom is not my choosing but rather my plum TWA uniform coat of that vintage. Love u, Aunt Babs