Friday, May 25, 2012

TopShop Jellies via Knightcat

In the words of me, I would rather strap flaming turds to my feet or wear thigh high boots sewn from the skin of premature dead babies than let these perverted abominations anywhere near me.

That being said, I'm a fickle creature, so give it 3 weeks and a handful of sightings on Kate Bosworth and I'll probably be fully on-board.



  1. No No No! Top Shop has clearly lost the plot.

    By the way, I wanted to ask how you manage to get all your photographs looking so prettily organised in your posts? I am having a real struggle with the new version of Blogger and can't place pictures in any useful order. Hence the lack of posts. Which browser do you use??

  2. Oh my god...EW! XD....maybe for a baby or a 2 year old...but not for people, ha ha...

  3. hahahaha! I bet I can make them look good though, like I did with these:


    1. Wow, well done! I have to day, that outfit doesn't make me want to die. The dress is adorable, and the shoes, while not exactly the ideal counterpoint, don't necessarily ruin the entire thing.

      But seriously, would you wear them? Really?

  4. p. s. flaming turds just might be the next big thing.

  5. I go from Hate to Must have in a few weeks. But I really hope that doesn't happen with this shoe!

  6. Ew, all this makes me think of is wearing these as a kid and having really sweaty and smelly feet. This doesn't sound as appealing as an adult.

  7. They look like dressy crocs. Which is the highest possible insult that can possibly be given to a pair of shoes.

  8. Gross, but I wouldn't rather wear crocs. those are super gross. I prefer the flat peep toe jellies. These are yucky.