Tuesday, March 16, 2010

long white dresses

Spending a few days in the sun really hammered home the fact that a: I am the palest person in the greater San Diego area, and b: I can't wait to dump all my remotely warm clothing and start hunting for a simple white column dress. Modern or vintage, it doesn't matter. As you can see in the pictures below, either option is lovely:

L to R: Ashley Olsen via Olsens Anonymous, Victorian lace dress via Chic and You Shall Find

Thoughts occupying me this evening: What do you think is going to happen when the spawn of MTV's "16 and Pregnant" grow old enough to comprehend the fact that their asshole parents decided to document The Biggest Mistake of Their Lives on a reality TV show? Nothing says "I love you, kid" like showing your little one the first time daddy texted mommy: "tell me where 2 sign the papers 4 that little mistake."

Someone should do a case study on this. I want follow-ups in 15-20 years.


  1. first of all I love the dress Ashley is wearing
    second. I was just just watching that show last night and I just couldn't believe it! especially the ones who were giving it away for adoption..on national television! nothing says I love you than seeing how someone is being adopted on tv.. i want a follow up too..they should get on that

  2. MTV and TLC should both be bombed. Seriously I am sick of seeing shows about Midgets, pregnant teens and oversized families. They should mesh the two and call the channe; "The weird fucken shit channel" TCFSC...makes sense to me.

  3. I love the way you think. I have been craving white column dresses. Although I could rival you as the palest person in the US. I need a tan before I could pull one of these off!

  4. Lovely!!!
    not those tv shows~ so sad~

  5. I'm sure someone will follow it up, it'll most likely end up in a news report or something lol

  6. This is a very valid point... that show makes me ashamed and I'm not even related to those winners.

    I tagged you in a super little blog survey thingie... check it out!