Tuesday, March 2, 2010

maxed out


No, I haven't had time to pore over every detail of the Fall collections and no, I probably never will. However, I have been pleased to notice the following developments:
- Plenty of floor-sweeping hemlines
- The triumphant return of Isaac Mizrahi (love his hooded evening dress above)
- Luxe layering
- Rich prints, textures

I'll probably end up relying on my fellow bloggers to help me pick through the best of the best, but rest assured I have extended hemlines on my radar.


  1. love, love, love, love cavalli!

  2. Floor sweeping gowns are so elegant and more useful than minis - and you can always chop them up later to create all sorts of garments. But there's one less practical thing about wearing these in London ... the rain-soaked hems!

  3. I love the Roberto Cavalli, Erdem and Tommy Hilfiger. I'm loving the layering as well!
    I know, the thought of poring over all of the F/W fashion week collections seems exhausting, so I only ever blog about Paris FW. But good job here! :)

  4. these dresses look absolutely lovely on those that are long and lean.

  5. Tommy Hilfiger plaid skirt is absolutely stunning!

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  6. i want a maxi dress for summer!

  7. gorgeous collection! very inspiring! thanks for the lovely comment style porn! I've just posted an interview with the Dutch artist Katrina Plevkova. be sure to check it out.

    xo sweet bee

  8. I want baad my own maxi dress!

    juliet xxx

  9. i need that last dress. it's amazing...

  10. one of my favorite things lately is a T-shirt maxidress that I've been wearing by itself, and layered with everything. Seriously, the best money ever spent. :)

  11. I love that you picked such a glamorous title for yourself my American cyber-nerd friend haha :).. These dresses are gorgeous - the Tibi one is my favourite. I've already seen someone wandering round liverpool like an idiot in a summer maxi and wedges shivering like crazy because its about four degrees over here - not cool - but I am on the look out for a long sleeved number! x

  12. i know i want them all!