Sunday, March 14, 2010

travel diary: san diego

Putting real life on pause is an extraordinary luxury. I am privileged to be able to share it with my boyfriend as he shows me around his hometown of San Diego (aka the freshly showered version of LA). Clean air, blue skies for days, and a (slightly) less intimidating network of freeways make it a tourist's dream come true. And I've been touring, all right. Today's activities included a visit to the botanical gardens in Balboa Park and shameless indulgence in pastries and rose-flavored lemonade. Tomorrow, beach.


  1. It's still miserable and rainy over here on the east coast. so i'm definitely jealous. lovely pictures though, and that lemonade looks amazing. ♥

    Great blog by the way. I'm a follower, but I couldn't remember if I had said anything before.

    Take care.

  2. It looks gorgeous there! Rather tropical infact.. that is the prettiest lemonade ever and that pastry has made me very hungry - thanks. Hope you are having a fabulously touristy time getting away from the monotony of a 9-5! :) x

  3. How fun! Totally jealous of the gorgeous weather. Glad you guys are having such a good time together!

  4. Ah, I absolutely adore San Diego - especially the Horton Plaza / Gaslamp Quarter's absolutely amazing! And that dessert looks divine!! :)

  5. really pretty combination of photos... nice blog as well.