Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Brass horseshoe stud earrings from Trillium's etsy shop, vintage necklaces

There are few joys in life more wholly satisfying than arriving home from work to find an Etsy purchase waiting for you. Especially if said Etsy delivery has been delayed thanks to the practiced mediocrity of USPS and package comes equipped with a personalized thank-you note from the seller. I saw these babies in the March issue of Lucky Magazine and had to have them. The vintage necklaces (one from my favorite vintage store in New Orleans, the other a 'gift' for my best friend which has ended up on my neck more often than hers) were the perfect counterpoint to an oversized "I don't care anymore" t-shirt. Sometimes bits and baubles are all it takes.


  1. Its all so pretty and sparkly =D

  2. USPS is terrible. Everything I have ordered from the States (I live in Canada) has taken atleast a month to two months to get to me. Brutal!

  3. Yep! There's nothing like coming home and finding a package waiting for you! Sadly 2 days ago I received a package from amazon. I ordered a very simple ring to wear on my middle finger and they send me a very different one! I was soo mad!

  4. Ugh, you're making me want to shop. I'm trying so hard to be good, but now I'm going to log on to etsy and get in to some trouble. Sooo thanks a lot.