Tuesday, February 17, 2009

bakersfield is the new palm springs...


The title of this post is a reference to the argument my friend's mom once used to try and convince her that visiting her grandparents in Bakersfield, CA would be a bitchin' good time. We both laughed. Bakersfield sucks.

Anyway, I'm going to the REAL Palm Springs tomorrow with my parents for my mom's 60th. To be more accurate, we're driving there, which is going to take anywhere between 7 hours, 20 minutes and 8 hours (odds are with my dad behind the wheel, it'll be the latter). While I don't relish the thought of trying to sleep in the backseat of my mom's Explorer while the dog farts on me, I am looking forward to the rumored 80 degree temperatures and crazy good vintage stores.  I've decided in advance that my period of shopping anorexia must be suspended for this all-too-grand occasion. My bank account is scared.

Below, my "fantasy" luggage, and some of the actual stuff I'm bringing with me. I'm usually a pretty light packer (my claim-to-fame is that I spent six weeks in Europe one summer with a roller suitcase small enough to be considered carry-on luggage). But in this case, I want to have options. One of the saddest parts about being unemployed is that I almost never have an occasion to get dressed. I must take advantage of this opportunity to put my clothing through its paces in front of a real live audience.

Palm Sprizzle

Alexander Wang grey t-shirt and turquoise tank; Balmain studded vest and fringed sandals; Wangler shorts; Balenciaga sunglasses; Future Classics dress; Dries Van Noten necklace; Alexis Bittar bangles; Chloe wedges

Forever 21 white dress; vintage metal belt; Gap white v-neck tee; vintage braided belt; Jenny Jen jeans; Terry De Havilland platforms; AA grey tank; vintage Joan Vass striped skirt; Linea Pelle yellow belt; H&M orange sweater; TnA bikini; Max Studio sandals; Forever 21 shorts, DIY shredded tank; Target necklace; ASOS leather jacket with vintage fur stole; J Brand jeans; H&M leopard print tank; vintage silver necklace; Made by Elves grey booties

Also, before I go to sleep tonight, I'm going to download three new albums:
TV on the Radio, Dear Science
Radiohead, In Rainbows
T.I., Paper Trail

Maybe I'll finally get the fucking Free Credit Report commercial out of my head. 


  1. Oh, I can't freaking get it out of my head too.

    Oh, I love your real bag almost as much as the fantasy one. Almost because you can't beat the Balmain vest.

    Have a good trip.

  2. those havilland platforms are hot, mama!! have a fun trip :-)

  3. Have a good time and bring back lots of vintage.

  4. thank you for taking the time to read. it was a complete rant of a newcomer to insomnia, but i really appreciate your insight. i'm very impressed that you could travel around europe with only a small suitcase! didn't you buy everything you saw? i know i would have. and just think, the 7 hour car ride will be worth it. you can take a lot of pictures and edit them on your laptop (if you don't have a camera or a laptop, this won't be possible and my apologies). you can write lists. what i would do is write down all my theories about lost. or write a really nasty letter to all the people from the hospitals i've been at and to the psychiatrists and doctors and social workers i've met. ha, that would show them! then i would listen to radiohead (yes! BUY IT!!!) or coldplay or m.i.a. or fleet foxes to make me calm again. make sense?

  5. hahahahaha while the dog farts on you...
    God, I love my parents and all but they drive me nuts when I visit them. I love both In Rainbows and Dear Science. Great albums.
    I also loved that you shouted out Fashion Television...old school. I remember it was on Saturday at like 10 and I had figure skatin gand I would miss it sometimes. The theme song is that 80's song...with the synth, right?

  6. well, you know, Fresno is the new San Francisco- that's what I've been told recently... ;)

  7. hope you have a fantastic time! i've never been, but i'd love to go. you must let share any vintage shop items you find!

  8. I love the dress in the fantasy bit and the blue wedges in your actual wardrobe! Both fantasy and real collections are lovely! :) x

  9. What?!? No handbag?!?!