Tuesday, February 10, 2009

outfit envy


I wish I could remember where I found this picture. I have no idea where it was taken or who this young woman is, but I've been staring at her for the better part of a week just dying to recreate her outfit. Note to self: must purchase a giant, flamboyantly oversized fur hat.

Street Style

gloves: Portolano $65 (
ankle boots: $14.99 (
leather jacket: Rick Owens (a gajillion dollars)
bag: Balenciaga black city bag
jeans: $44.50 (
shirt: Marni $415 GBP (
hat: $10.50 GBP (

Update: Thanks to a reader for the tip. Turns out the woman in question's name is Caroline Blomst, and she has her own blog here.


  1. The picture is from Stockholm Street Style and the lady in question has her own blog there!


  3. i like the one you recreated even better--love the holes in the jeans--gotta have those!!

  4. Isn't she great, she's so efforless chic ALWAYS..great outfit you put together though, thanks for more shopping links :P i'm gonna be poooor.

  5. a gadjillion dollars???
    haha that was cute-i talk in quirky notions too sometimes-nooo most times
    i loveee rick owens-and extending adjectives apparently..hahahaa
    come for a visit sometime!

    i love the background homey-ness in your outfit post are you from out of the states? bc the setting looks foreign and AWESOME