Wednesday, February 4, 2009



I regard trying on sunglasses the way most people feel about trying on swimsuits or bras: nothing fits, I start to hate myself, and I usually end up settling for a style that doesn't look quite right. In spite of this, I am in love with the round sunglasses that popped up all over the Spring 09 runways even though they look like they might actually require someone with a "sunglasses face" to pull off. Alas, thanks to my aquiline nose and slightly crooked eyebrows, I am not one of those people.

...But now the Peabody sunglasses on the Urban Outfitters website have gone on sale for $6, and despite the very real potential for them to make me look ridiculous, it seems like a good idea to buy them:

They're an online exclusive, so I can't go in to try them out. What do I do? The thought of spending $12 precious dollars (the antichrists over at Urban charge $6 for shipping) on something that might be a total bust is nearly intolerable...But then again I'm sure my BF would like to get his Wayfarers back sometime this century, so I really need a pair of sunglasses. My poor Betsey Johnsons got lost after a night of drinking just before Christmas :(

It's times like this when I like to ask myself, "what would Jesus do?"


  1. I think Jesus would tell you to get them...something like the eyes are the windows to your soul therefore protect them... I think they will need some getting use to but seem pretty cool.

  2. I love oversized sunglasses, I wish I could wear them without looking like Velma from Scooby Doo


  3. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll

    Agreed, Style Porn is pretty witty and I do like shameless self publicity - I dont have a blogroll atm, but there is one of the way and you'll be on it kid