Sunday, February 15, 2009

cut it out

                          A. Wang      Onhe Titel fw09   Photobucket

Left to right: Alexander Wang, Ohne Titel, Preen.

In a sea of black and grey collections, cutouts provided visual and textural interest and just the right dose of sex appeal. I am especially delighted because there's nothing about any one of these looks that's inherently difficult to DIY/find in thrift stores. Yay me.

But since the whole point of this blog is to feature style porn (aka a bunch of shit that will remain in fantasy land because I can't afford it) I'm loving this StyleStalker dress as seen on Rumi at Fashiontoast. If I could only find a cheap version of this on ebay or at a thrift store, I would die happy. Really, I would.



  1. yes, definitely a great trend to DIY! I'm not sure I could pull it off though :-)

  2. Bring one of your dresses to the tailor...I can't see this costing too much!