Monday, March 2, 2009



You'll never believe it. I suddenly got this totally unique idea to add studs to a pair of old Zara boots that haven't gotten any play for the past year or so. I know, I'm so innovative! I predict copycats springing up all over the blogosphere within days. Just know this: you saw it here first.*

*note sarcasm

Oh, and here are a couple of pics of what I wore out to my roommate's birthday on Saturday night. I figured if there ever was an appropriate time to dress like an 80s hooker/Kelly Bundy impersonator, it's when you're going for karaoke in the Castro. No one bats an eye.

tank: H&M
skirt: vintage
belt: vintage (mom's)
shoes: Pour La Victoire
bra: Urban Outfitters corset bra
on right wrist: Lisa Levine bracelet, Timex watch
on left wrist: vintage silver cuff, Urban Outfitters leather cuff, necklace worn as bracelet
earrings: gift from Morocco
necklace: skeleton key on vintage silver chain
rings: Forever 21, vintage


  1. Mmmmmh Actually I think that there is REALLY a "Mac Gyver" who slumbers in any Fashionista !!!
    ps: I really like the Back cleavage of your tank top, subtly sensual . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Nice! Once you start there is no turning back...

  3. The boots look cool... I bet it took a fair bit of effort to get the studs through them. Did you actually sing at karaoke? I'm desperate to do so but I always either chicken out last minute or leave it til too late to go so the bar has been closed. I will do it by the end of this term! I am determined! :) x

  4. don't you love living here? we can wear anything :D

  5. He! I love the boots... And the outfit

  6. i loove the studded boots

  7. ah loving the shoes
    im stud obsessed
    was it really hard to do?

  8. Love the photo of you. You are so cute:)
    I love how you called it a Kelly Bundy look. Hysterical. I like all the concert posters on the wall:) What is going on with your apartment?

  9. love studs too
    love your top

  10. HOT! Fantastic job with the DIY boots!!!