Saturday, August 1, 2009

just some shit i'm loving right now

top to bottom: red tights via; Marilyn Monroe via Shorpy; Lil' Wayne via yay!everyday; crystal skull by artist Damian Hirst via yay!everyday

Currently watching the second season of Mad Men and marveling at the sheer size of Christina Hendricks' bust. I believe the word 'stacked' comes to mind. Watching this show always makes me think I should take up smoking again because it looks so goddamn hot, especially with pencil skirts. Unfortunately like so many things, smoking is better in theory than in stinky, cancerous reality. Lame.

Thanks to everyone who has already entered the Chickdowntown contest and giveaway. I figured I needed to benefit in some way from this little arrangement, so I'm forcing you all to cough up your secret photo inspiration sources for a chance to win. See post below for further instructions, but it's not rocket science:

Step 1: comment on this or the post below with your email address

Step 2: Give me the name of your super top-secret online source for photo inspiration

If your suggestion inspires me more than any of the others, you get to choose any item from BB Dakota or any Love Quotes scarf from Chickdowntown's site. Pretty easy, huh? So, do it then!

Outfit post tomorrow, I promise.


  1. love all your photos ...just fabulous!

    currently uploading all my inspiration {with links} here:

  2. I really love the first photo...


  3. gorgeous inspiration....

    some inspiration from and Their blogs and illustrations are truly inspirational.


    p.s. cannot wait for the outfit post!

  4. Uhm I think Lil Wayne is smoking weed. that cancerous I wonder? My sister says it is.

    This contest is hard...let me go scour the most remote part of the internet and I shall return.


    She is just an amazing woman. Complete opposite of me- A stay at home mother/ wife and mormon...Very far from who I am. I feel a connection though because of her accident (she was in a plane crash) she is embracing life's simple compliments. Her family is adorable and one post in particular makes me feel like a kid again . Plus she loves cupcakes. -laura

  6. that stuff is radical

    i use ffffound...I just browse, it's fun