Tuesday, August 25, 2009

you could be a farmer in those clothes.

wearing plaid shirt from Target, Gap t-shirt, Gap jeans, vintage Frye boots, unknown necklace, Christian Dior sunglasses

Forgive me, I need to take a moment to complain about Project Runway. I watched the first episode on Sunday and was concerned about a number of developments that led me to believe the show has gone waaay low-budget. First, it's on Lifetime, which is weird because I thought Lifetime only showed movies about women being victimized by men/impregnated at 16/kidnapped by a next door neighbor, etc., etc. Secondly, it's in LA, which is a total downgrade from NY (not just on the show but like, in general). As if to drive home the fact that it's gone downhill, the best guest judge they could get was Lindsay Lohan. Very disappointing, though mildly entertaining to watch her vote off the one designer who looked A LOT like Samantha Ronson. Surely I'm not the only one who noticed??

With all that being said, unless they get rid of Tim Gunn (don't even THINK about it) I'll probably watch even if they start using cocker spaniels as models and former cast members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey as designers. My standards are pretty low.

I got these Frye boots at my favorite vintage store for $45. Sometimes it SO pays not to buy something on ebay. I never would have been able to get them for so cheap.


  1. You're completely grunge in here. I can imagine nirvana standing right behind you.

    juliet xxx

  2. Tim Gunn! Do you like? Well I have my options bad ad goods about.. But's ok.
    And oh I miss you honey! Tell me, you're ok?
    Try the little recipe for oil skins what I send for you? Tell me. :)
    Vintage store? Oh adorable!
    I looove this boots! I have one, but black boots! ;)

    I hope you ok sweety.

  3. I covet those boots!!!

    And LA is the poor mans NYC FOR SURE...annoyed.

  4. Really like this outfit. I'm not going to lie - I own very similar pieces and once it's cold enough will be wearing them just like this! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. Wow, love your sunglasses! You entire outfit is awesome..looks very casual & comfy yet stylish ;)

  6. Whoa - which vintage store had those boots? I love the outfit! It looks comfy and comfy makes me happy.

  7. hahaha I had the same EXACT thoughts about the new Project Runway...down to the San Ronson likeness who was a total wackadoo and shouldn't have been on the show in the first place! Not so thrilled about the cast members either - a former neurologist and meth addict?...seems like they're trying to increase their appeal with diversity (ahem, reaching?...) That said, i'll totally watch the season too.
    But i digress...

    the outfit's fabulous and you look hot as per usual. I want those boots.

  8. Meh, kind of over the whole project runway thing. I watched the Canadian version last season but only because a friend of mine from school was in it. I think it over-glamorizes the fashion industry. Plus its annoying when people ask me what I do and I say "um...I'm a designer" they immediately say "OMG! LIKE project runway?"......

    Did I just rant on YOUR blog? No can get me back if you like ;)

    P.s. Outfit = Cute

  9. P.P.S. Lindsay Lohan needs to go away.

  10. Give the runway a chance. They're trying. I can tell Tim and Heidi are not very happy about the switch either. But they're making do.

  11. I completely sympathize with you about PR. I mean, come effing on. LA, seriously?
    And hahaha I know, had the same perception of Lifetime, as well.
    But ah well, gotta deal with it huh?

    Those shoes= ace.
    Also, have a v. similar plaid shirt. Loving plaid this season.

  12. lovely shirt!!<3
    xx cody

  13. a) the title of this post made me laugh out loud
    b) project runway has gone a little bit low budget and trashy with the lohan appearance
    c) did you notice how ORANGE michael kors looked?
    d) i think heidi looked a bit BORED with the show
    e) i still like you even tho you just trashed la up there



  14. okay, I thought the exact same things about PR last week! It was so lack luster low budge. Even Heidi looked annoyed to be there. I wondered if it was because it wasn't in HD or if it was just LA?!!? Sad ...but I'll continue to watch it ...and anything even remotely close to it. lol.

    Oh, and, you look fab! love this look ...rad boots.

  15. Great outfit!!
    love the plaid shirt and the tall boots are awesome!


  16. Love those boots, you got LUCKY!
    Also we have the same bustier! (from the previous post)

  17. Joanna, I love your Frye boots! Beautiful find and I love the color too. I need something like that in my closet, those would always be some staples! Thanks for your beautiful comment on our blog. Herve leger would look amazing on your figure.


  18. Love your look darling, the CD sunglasses-Cute!
    haha...Samantha Ronson, I was thinking the same thing!

  19. omg you are hilarious! i agree with you on all fronts.. i myself stopped watching PR a while back. and that lohan/sam comment is crazy, i'm gonna see if i find the ep on youtube now to see this sam look a like. Love the frye boots, great freakin find!

  20. I second that motion according to Project Runway! But it seems like the talent should make up for their low budget, and also having been to FIDM in LA multiple times and to the garment district, I never recall seeing these random cameo signs at Fidm and this mood they speak of has never been there in the past.
    I read an article that says Tim Gunn even makes an appearance in shorts and flip flops and that their supposed "mood" is just a random fabric store they hang the sign in front of.

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