Sunday, August 30, 2009

stay cool


top: APC shirt, Juicy Couture shorts, Frye heels, thrifted bag, Banana Republic cuff, bottom: ASOS dress

San Franciscans are sadly ill-equipped to handle temparature surges of more than 78 degrees. A late summer heat-wave ultimately leads to a lot of complaining and a convenient excuse to cancel all your plans and lounge in a state of semi-undress while eating ice pops.

On to important matters. I am determined to buy a pair of thigh-high boots for fall, and I've found a couple of promising options on Bebe and Topshop's website. The Topshop boots are available in a 38.5, which is apparently equivalent to a UK 6. I normally wear a US size 8, so these could either be perfect or a bit too big. Does anyone know how they run??

The pair on Bebe's website would be my second choice because they have a higher heel and they're not real leather, but they actually look pretty similar. Everyone, please do your civic duty and vote.

Left to right: Topshop, Bebe


  1. I hate trying to convert shoe sizes! On the topshop website I'm pretty sure they have some form of sizing guide. Even if you google it something should come up.
    I'm an australian size 8, and I'm a 39 in topshop sizes. I think US and Australian sizes are extremely similar. Hope that helps =)

  2. the second photo is stunning! love those boots.


  3. I like the way the topshop ones look sleeker and closer cut to the leg, but not that they are real leather.

    Tough choice, but I'm sure you'll look fierce in either of them.

  4. Ooooh I have got a thigh-high suede boots for Biba. I love them...


  5. If you want a man's opinion, the pair on the right are better looking. I just love the higher heel and the fact that the heels are the same color as the shoe.
    Thanks for your comment on my site. You are always welcome.

  6. Bebe. Only because I've heard some bad things about the Topshop shoe sizing thing. Thing? It's 130, I have no words.

    NO SF...obviously. BAH. But you know i'm due for a trip.

  7. Oh man, I love these! Either one looks fabulous but I really love the platform and heel on the Bebe shoes. I can't wait to see them on you and really wish I could pull them off...

  8. wow, very cool boots! i'd like to get some too, but there is no point for me. i work with small children on a daily basis and there is no way i could get away with wearing those in front of them! sad.

  9. 1. Definitely Bebe. Are those suede? I can't tell...might be problematic in winter.
    2. Picture #1 - Nice gams.
    3. Picture #2 - how risqué!
    4. Who says "ice pops"? ;)

  10. I love the second photo of you! It is so dreamy. I love thigh high boots. Every since I saw Julia Roberts in Prtty in Pink when I was 9, I thought to myself, I WANT TO BE A HOOKER!! I kid I kid, I was like I want thigh high boots:)

  11. Love those boots! Cute pics too xx

  12. i'm all about the left, though they are awesome. that second pic....holy hotness!!!!

  13. I gotta tell ya... the second image is drop-dead gorgeous! And now I'm wishing I would've seen the Bebe version of the Topshop thigh-high... but the UPS guy is already on his way! xxx

  14. Hey, I'm from the uk, and can tell you that a size 38.5 euro would be a 5.5 UK, a size 6 UK would be a 39 in euro sizes.

  15. I looove the second pic! Really! ♥
    Everything's ok sweety?

    Much love,

  16. oh wow love it all
    geez i haven't been on your blog for aages but i hope you're well x