Monday, April 6, 2009


wearing vintage dress, faux-lenciaga bag, Minnetonka Moccasins

Home from Disneyland. I'm sun-burned, tired, and broke--which must mean it was a good trip.
And yes, I purposely dressed like Minnie mouse. I wanted to get my picture taken with her, but that slut was surrounded by a crowd of people with the same idea, so I never got the chance. And by 'never got the chance' I mean I was too busy stuffing my face with gross food to worry about photo-ops (hence the fact that the most attractive picture taken of me all day was the one above when it was very, very dark). I think I ate at least 3 cheese-filled pretzels. My bowels hate me.

Crossing my fingers that I'll get another call from the temp agency this week. They called me on the day I was leaving and had work for me! So close...sometimes I wonder if God is telling me he doesn't want me to have a job. Like I'm an ornate home decoration that belongs on the mantle instead of earning my keep like the rest of the adult world. My unemployment runs out godawful soon. Don't really want to think about it...

Here's an outfit I wore last week before I left, when the wind decided to kick up and remind me that spring or not, I still live in San Francisco, a city that takes every available opportunity to showcase below-average season temperatures.


I'm glad to be back and focusing on my job hunting! Los Angeles is a great place to visit, but it's also a great place to leave too. Spoken like a true NorCal hussy, I know.


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I like your blazer.


  2. LOL! I love how you referred to minnie mouse as a slut. That dress is super cute! I didn't actually get to go to the races I just put a bet on - I want to go every year but no one will go with me! I miss horse riding so much - I had to stop when I was 16 because I had loads of school work, then I got a job so just didn't have the time to go any more! Very sad. Next year I will go though and get the biggest hat in the world. God look with your job hunting! :) x

  3. Great looks, you should have picked up a few Disney pieces as Mickey Mouse motifs seem to be all over the quirkier collections right now!

  4. Oh for sure the shoes is amazing .. But I can't forget the hair Gwyneth, since I'm trying to create courage to cut my hair is about 2 months .. Is difficult! lol

    The 2º outfit is beautiful!! A sexy pinch.
    Have a good day.

  5. great outfit--the blazer looks awesome on you!

  6. haha....I'm a socal girl and adore SF. Hub went to SF State so we try to visit every year of so.

    love both of your outfits.

  7. Love both these looks!
    That dress is great!


  8. I love your shoes in the last pic! And your Minnie Mouse dress :)

  9. Me too on the MM dress :)