Wednesday, May 6, 2009

day & night...


wearing thrifted dress, J Brand jeans, H&M shoes

Some things:

First off, this is an extremely old unused picture for an outfit post. I got this awesome Donna-Martin-worthy dress for $12 at Black and Brown sometime in February and have since been wearing it fairly often, considering it has gold chains draped down the back and gigantic pearl buttons. It's a covertly wearable piece.

The job status update has been delayed, but it's looking pretty good for me. Hopefully I'll find out by *gasp* tomorrow. However, I sort of prematurely celebrated by buying a jaw-droppingly gorgeous vintage dress from the 50's at an adorable little shop where my parents live called Poppy's Consignment. Seeing as how showing it on the hanger wouldn't do it justice (nor would my makeup-less face) I'll wait to post it until tomorrow, but suffice to say, I'm in loooooove.


  1. Wow! This dress is amazing! Chains + Pearls = amazing. I was going to ask about the job the other day - really hope you get it!

    I feel the need to tell you this, I don't know why - apologies in advance.. I was driving to my exam the other day and my friend and I spotted this van that specialised in drain cleaning. They called themselves "The Poo Police" and their slogan was "You squeeze it out, and we'll jet wash it away!"

    How completely gross is that? Like I say I don't know why I had to tell you haha :) x

  2. woah the back of that dress is AMAZING

  3. I love that pearl buttons! OMG amazing!


  4. So interesting of a dress. The chains remind me of chain strap quilted purses. Can't wait to see what dress you bought :]

  5. that dress is awesome...totally OG 90210-ish:)

    so, so hope you get the job!

  6. the back of this dress it so beautiful. You wear it very well!

    alba x

  7. Good luck with the job (fingers crossed).
    Wait, was it Kelly or Donna or both that drove BMW's?
    I always thought it was funny how Brenda never got her lisense.

  8. Ohmygod I absolutely love this... it has a hint of 90's revival that's just KILLER!


  9. crazy sweet dress! never seen anything quite like it...and that's a good thing! :) can't wait to see your 50's dress.

  10. wicked dress! Wonder what it would look like on backwards! and maybe shorter :-) great piece!