Sunday, May 31, 2009

sunday blues

wearing vintage floral dress, Topshop mongolian lamb vest, H&M sweater and shoes, thrifted bag, no-name sunglasses.

I can't believe it's Sunday night already. What a fucking shame. I was just starting to recover myself too.

I did two cool things this weekend (I know, right?! Two!). First, I saw an amazing Swedish vampire movie called "Let the Right One In." It was totally fascinating, and not really all that terrifying. Very moody and, I imagine, Swedish. I say this because there was a lot of snow and an extremely blond, blue-eyed boy in it with pale skin. Clearly, I know nothing about Sweden, except that they have good street-style in Stockholm. And snow. And pale blond people.

The second cool thing I did was see the William Kentridge exhibit at SF MOMA, which was really first-rate. If you aren't familiar with his work, he's a South African artist best known for stop-motion chalk animations where he draws something, photographs it, erases it, and keeps going, meticulously crafting hundreds of drawings to make a fully animated piece. He's dabbled in everything from stage design to sculpture to film, and explores themes of colonialism and apartheid, which is not at all surprising considering he's a white man from South Africa (can you say awkward!?).

Below is one of the installations we saw. It's really impossible to see in this video just how cool it was. There's a projector on the ceiling projecting these stretched-out images into a flat circle, and a reflective cylinder in the middle of the circle where those images are reflected and take a normal shape. I can't imagine how hard that would be to do. Check it out:

Anyhoo, it's back to the grind. I hope I have a good week!


  1. Of fucking course that vest would be from Topshop. I love it.

    I'm glad you had some fun this weekend. That movie sounds right up my alley.

    The sunday gloomys. I have em too. But I'm going to be my annoying perky self and say-I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEK! lol you love it.

  2. your vest is so cool. i have two in a brown/tan color. i really like your white one though, still searching for one in that color!

  3. I love your dress, you look great!


  4. I love Ur outfit, especially that floral dress!


  5. that dress is so cute!

  6. Oh this is great good news.. You doing stuff, playing in all this junk bad vibration.. Yay, big step sweetness!
    I love this video.. I will try more things about this artist.. Has an incredible quality and that exposure must have been great.
    I like your cool air in the photos that outfit.. I hope you have a good week and still so very cool and trying to smile!

    Much love,

  7. oh I love your outfit!! ...the vest rocks. ..that installation looks awesome...I'm sure it's spectacular in person.

  8. I had my eye on the topshop gillet. Lucky you!

  9. i LOVE the vest. William Kentridge is incredible. i love his work.

  10. that vest is totally look so cool!!

    I have not had a chance to visit the sf moma....that installation looks amazing!

  11. You look marvelous darling. Love the vest, even though i'm sooooo not cool enough to pull it off...

    i loved Let the Right One In...totally worth the 50 bucks i dropped at the theather between ticket, parking and a small popcorn. Damnit cinemark!

  12. I love your Mongolian lamb vest... I've been wanting similar to that for a while but haven't found an affordable version yet! You look wonderful :)

  13. oh no! your jacket so cooolll dear!!!
    i love it!!

  14. So damn cultural going to the MOMA. I really should go to the MOMA....I love your outfit...very 60's.

  15. Fab cozy vest darling!
    Watch the vid...I need to take Tylenol for my headache now...haha! Seriously, very creative!!

  16. Love the combo of the vest with that floral skirt! And that installation looks incredible! Glad you had a great time :)

    By the way, finally added your blog to my blogroll. Can't believe it took me so long!

  17. Your weekend sounds like it was a culturally credited blast :). I love vampire films, especially Swedish ones (errr, or I would if I saw one :) and the William Kentridge exhibition sounds like it was uber cool!

    Sounds like my perfect weekend, so happy for you :)

    Also, loooove your outfit. How on earth can those shoes be from H&M???!!?!!


  18. this is a great look. makes a sunday brighter no?

    <3 Miss Mae

  19. wow, the exhibit sounds amazing. Glad you enjoyed it!! :-)

  20. i love the vest!

  21. I absoluley adore that vest - it's so lovely. I can't pull one off because I'm too chunky so I'd just look like a massive sheep but you look fabulous as usual! The print on the dress is gorgeous too. That clip was enchanting - I bet the exhibition was amazing! Hope you are having a lovely week :) x