Friday, May 29, 2009

truly inspired


My brain is fried. I feel like putty. And I'm watching the chick from Blossom get a makeover on What Not to Wear. Clearly, from this description, you should be able to tell that I'm definitely not looking stylish right now.

Oh, and I found a Homer Simpson quote that aptly describes how I feel about trying to come up with the words to craft this blog:

"Ooh, I love your magazine. Especially the 'Enrich Your Wordpower' section. I think it's really...really... really...good."

In general, you can find a Homer Simpson quote that aptly describes just about anything.

At least I'm inspired enough by these photos to feel that they don't need words attached to them. They stand on their own. All of them are from

One more thing: I wanted to extend a very special thanks to Haute World for the 'Unique and Chic' award. Her blog meticulously chronicles every jaw-dropping piece of clothing in some of the best boutiques in the world. We're talking Paris here. So for her to call me 'unique and chic' well, let's just say I'm humbled.
I want to pass this award on to a very special blogger whose comments always make me so happy: Jamily from Cup of Coffee. Jamily, you are a kind and benevolent soul. And this one's for you.


  1. RE: your comment ...TELL ME ABOUT IT ...I'm 33 without kids and he's just 27!?!?!? it's blowing my mind. 27 I had just broken up with my ex fiance of 7 years ...and he's already married with baby ...mind blowing're still young :)

  2. I agree with your Homer Simpson theory.

    And you couldnt get me to take a picture of what I am wearing right now for a million dollars. Maybe 3 million. I'm a whore like that.

    Happy Weeekend, at least hun?

  3. Great post! Have a great weekend,


  4. Good old Homer! I love makeover shows so much - sometimes if the end product is really great I can almost feel myself welling up and then have to think "stop being ridiculous, she's had a makeover and that's it." How sad am I? And the watering can dress - the shop that it was from - Joy - was like a more colourful version of Urban Outfitters but not as big and now it has closed down :( I have no idea why because there was all kinds of great stuff in there... maybe just not enough people knew about it. I am sad about it anyway! x

  5. love that embellished coin bikini x

  6. I am wondering what chick from Blossom? Six? Or Blossom herself? I was always wondering on that show how Blossom ended up with the hotness named Vinny.

  7. umm yeah.. i love your blog!

  8. OMG this is so sweet of you! I thank and heart for this award! Lovely! ♥
    Glad you like my comments.. This is a good thing. Making someone smile is very nice same, right?
    Publish the award later on my blog.
    Again, thank you! =)

    Much much love,

  9. That second photo is so surreal. I love interesting natural photography like that.

    Oh and my husband lived in NOLA, too. We go back to visit all the time and I feel like it's such an interesting and beautiful place. In my opinion, it beats NC, at least in terms of fun...

  10. 1. I'm sending you love from Nashville.
    2. You know, if anything, I know what you're going through. Keep your head up.
    3. Look at how many people love and follow you. I'm slightly jealous. You're amazing!