Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am not well.

via fffound

Barely hanging in there. Sorry to get all emo about it, but the last thing I care about in the world right now is clothes. I've looked like shit for the past week and I'm working 10-hour days from now until eternity. I don't know when or if I'll have the time/strength/will to keep up the blog. We'll see.


  1. well, you still take stunning photos even when you're feeling down. sending you love from nashville!

  2. aw girl don't stress, everyone goes through these things. 2 weeks ago i had such a breakdown because my grades weren't great, and i hadn't accomplished anything REAL in life like a ton of other people i knew...and i felt like time was slipping through my hands. you just gotta get back on the horse and think about how much potential you have! feel better! your hair looks gorg :)

  3. Hey baby don't worry about that. See our blogs are those of fashion, clothing and etc. .. But is not it right? We are people, we feel tired, have feelings!
    Is not only without their stories and look to be fine.. I'm here if you need any support or talk.


  4. I hope you start feeling better:(

    positive thoughts for you!!!

  5. Take as much time as you need. We'll all await your return to the realm of blogging patiently, even if that moment doesn't come for a thousand minutes. You will remember how to make yourself happy and you will find splendid balance.

  6. call me. thinking of you.
    lets go thrifting this weekend and you can help me fritter away my tax rebate...

  7. feel better darling!

    and the aa top you asked about is the burn out tee
    you can find it here

  8. Ohh I am a bad blog bff...but I was also blind as a bat, so don't hate me forever.

    I've been exactly where you are. Just trust me that you will get through this shit storm. I think it's admirable that you're acknowledging where you are with your feelings and not just putting up a dumb picture and calling it your blog. No offense to anyone...maybe I shoulve put this in an email haha.

    Life is effing hard. One day at a time woman. And don't give up the blog...lots of us want to be there for you and support you. :)

  9. i am a new reader. you have a really great blog and i appreciate you for opening up like this. two years ago i had a horrible bout of depression that felt endless. it was the low point of my existence. then i took certain actions to help myself get better. creating was imperative. art can be very cathartic in times like these. if you need to talk feel free to shoot me an e-mail. i wish you the best.